Jmxterm is a command line based interactive JMX client. It's designed to allow user to access a Java MBean server from command line without graphical environment. In another word, it's a command line based jconsole.

jmxterm is an open source Java project under


What is it and what it is not

An introduction of Jmxterm and list of awesome features

One minute tutorial

Learn how to use Jmxterm in one minute

User manual

A detailed but short user manual of Jmxterm

Download and run

Download executable Jmxterm artifact and run it in 30 seconds

Embed in script language

Jmxterm can be embeded into script language like PERL and SHELL. Learn how to do it from this page.

Frequently asked questions

Find answer of your question here.

Help and support

Have a question? Found a bug? Please don't hesitate to contribute to and help improve Jmxterm.

Source code and build

Checkout source code from Github and build it from your machine.

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