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What is it and what it is not

Jmxterm is designed with specific goal for specific problem, non-graphical access to MBean server for human. It does't intend to solve problems beyond that.

Jmxterm is

An open source command line based interactive JMX client written in Java. It allows user to access a Java MBean server in command line console without graphical environment. In another word, it's a command line based jconsole. At runtime, Jmxterm implementation relies on JDK jconsole library while it doesn't require graphical environment(such as X in Linux).

Jmxterm can also be used to integrate with non-Java programming language such as PERL or SHELL and allow these languages to access Java MBean server programmatically. However as this page will point out later, there's no point of using Jmxterm to access MBean server programmatically in Java, as Java already provides good API.

Here's a list of highlighted features of Jmxterm



The only runtime dependency of Jmxterm is JDK. The internal third party dependencies are wrapped by ready-to-run uberjar. User does not need to worry about the setup of dependencies.

Wrapped by uberjar, Jmxterm runs out of box with java -jar jmxterm-1.0.0-uber.jar command. No configuration, directory, environment variable or file permissions need to be setup ahead of time.

Platform neutral

Jmxterm implementation is platform independent like most Java applications. However some features rely on JLine which has native implementation that supports major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and most Linux distros.


Unlike cmdline-jmxclient, Jmxterm runs interactively. User can do a series of short operations in an interactive command line console and system is aware of context.

Self documented

Every command is self documented with --help option.

Connect a local PID

Jmxterm is aware of JVM processes running on localhost from the same run as user. It is able to connect these local processes without requiring process's MBean server to listen to a port.

Password authentication

Jmxterm supports password authentication.


Jmxterm itself does not support flow control commands but it can be smoothly embedded into scripting languages such as PERL or SHELL for complicated logic.

Auto completion

Jmxterm interactive command line console not only auto-complete commands, options with tab key, but also name of MBean domain and MBeans.

Command history

Powered by JLine , command history can be browsed with up/down arrow keys.

Reporting and active watch

Jmxterm supports "watch" function that repeatedly prints out value of MBean attributes. With customizable output format, the "watch" feature can easily be extended for report generation.

RPM distribution

With support of Maven RPM plugin , Jmxterm can be built into RPM package bundle in addition to uberjar. DEB support is on its way.

Jmxterm is NOT

Jmxterm is NOT a layer of Java library to hide JavaSE JMX API. Jmxterm is merely a command line tool to allow to access MBean server without graphical environment. It's not Jmxterm's intention to simplify existing JMX API. To interact with an MBean server programmatically in Java, Jmxterm is not a right tool.