Datamung is a Java open source, web based, AWS Simple Workflow driven solution that backs up AWS RDS MySQL database into S3 object by launching EC2 instance and running mysqldump command. It makes it possible to replicate RDS across regions, VPC, accounts or outside AWS network.

Datamung is one of the ten winners of 2013 Netflix Cloud Prize award. On Nov 14th 2013, during the day 2 keynote session of AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas, it was announced as the winner of datastore integration category. Check out this blog for stories behind scene.

Javadoc or source code can be found in the Maven site .


You may find pages below useful depends on what you are looking for. To learn more about what Datamung is designed to do and why, plase take a look at why Datamung page.

If you simply look for a solution to backup RDS database in your organization, the best way is to use Cloudpave which is a free service built on top of Datamung for serious users. If offers features such as data privacy, personal workspace, task history and task re-run, which Datamung itself can't achieve by design.

Learn more Get started with Cloudpave »

This page lists all the additional features with comparison to Datamung demo website.

If you are interested in how Datamung is designed or what to understand what it does before letting it run in your own AWS account, please check out how is it done page.

Understand more page is for people who are brave enough to dig into the code, go though the trouble and install Datamung in his own AWS account, or be willing to contribute to Datamung.

Why Datamung?

The database backup problem Datamung attempts to solve is more complicated than simply running a mysqldump command. This page explains the complication of problem and how Datamung helps in detail.

How is it done?

Datamung models the backup process with workflows and runs them using AWS SimpleWorkflow. This page talks about what exactly these workflows are.

Understand more and get involved

To understand more about the design, component, or to run a copy of Datamung solution under your AWS account, please checkout this page.

Contact me

If you have further questions or ideas, feel free to contact me in Github , via email or leave comments below.