Interactive command line JMX client in Java. It supports command history browsing, auto completion and connection to local PID, etc.


AWS based web application that backs up MySQL RDS instance by launching EC2 instance, database replication and running mysqldump command on EC2 instance against replication. Datamung was honored as one of ten winners of Netflix 2013 OSS cloud prize for best datastore integration.


Gitcon is a library that gets configuration from Git repository and interpret it within Spring context. It's a cheap solution of dynamic configuration.


Annotation based command line parser that powers up Jmxterm


Java conversion and formatting framework. A library for string conversion, parsing, formatting in Java. Part of it supports parsing and formatting of CSV and fixed length format.


A couple of Maven plugins and extension to suport other projects. Namely

  • S3 wagon, wagon that allows to deploy artifact and sites to Amazon S3
  • S3 upload plugin, Maven plugin that uploads arbitrary files in project to Amazon S3
  • Flatsite plugin, a lightweight Maven plugin that generates static website from Apache Velocity layout and templates
  • Uberjar plugin, a Maven plugin that bundles Java project into executable uberjar.